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10 Adult T cell leukaemia-lymphoma
Summary Adult T cell leukaemia-lymphoma (ATL) was first discovered and reported in Japan, where it has a high incidence in the south-west region. The first human retrovirus HTLV-I (human T-cellExpand
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Incilaria mucus agglutinated human erythrocytes.
The body surface mucus from the land slug, Incilaria fruhstorferi, not only opsonized sheep red blood cells (SRBC) and agglutinated human types A and B erythrocytes (HRBC) but also caused hemolysisExpand
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The role of angiogenesis in the tumor growth of Syrian hamster pancreatic cancer cell line HPD-NR.
BACKGROUND/AIMS New therapeutic approach is required for pancreatic cancer, one of the most intractable malignancies. The role of angiogenesis in the tumor growth of a Syrian hamster pancreaticExpand
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Metabolism of Round Spermatids: A Possible Regulation of Hexose Transport
Round spermatids (steps 1–8) were isolated from rat testes and glucose transport into the cells was examined. The exposure of spermatids to glucose resulted in an extremely low level of ATP. InExpand
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A new synthetic method for the framework of aspidosperma alkaloids using singlet oxygen chemistry
Abstract Abstract1-A singlet oxygen adduct of l-benzyloxycarbonyl-l, 2-dihydro-5-(2-methyl-l,3-dioxolan-2-yl)pyridine 21 was treated with indole in the presence of stannous chloride to yield directlyExpand
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The ultrastructure of hemolymph cells of the land slug, Incilaria fruhstorferi Collinge (Gastropoda: Pulmonata).
3 morphologically distinct hemolymph cell-types, Type I, II and III, were found in the hemolymph of the land slug, large Japanese native slug, Incilaria fruhstorferi Collinge. Type I cell, measuringExpand
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Blood cell-producing site in the land slug, Incilaria fruhstorferi.
Blood cell-producing site in a yeast-particle-injected slug, Incilaria fruhstorferi, was studied by light and electron microscopy, in vivo and in vitro. Cells lining the vascular system and hemocoelExpand
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