Keiichiro Tanaka

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The yeast high osmolarity glycerol (HOG) signaling pathway can be activated by either of the two upstream pathways, termed the SHO1 and SLN1 branches. When stimulated by high osmolarity, the SHO1 branch activates an MAP kinase module composed of the Ste11 MAPKKK, the Pbs2 MAPKK, and the Hog1 MAPK. To investigate how osmostress activates this MAPK module, we(More)
Integrin-dependent adhesions are mechanosensitive structures in which talin mediates a linkage to actin filaments either directly or indirectly by recruiting vinculin. Here, we report the development and validation of a talin tension sensor. We find that talin in focal adhesions is under tension, which is higher in peripheral than central adhesions. Tension(More)
In the original version of this article, the Discussion included the following text: While this manuscript was in revision, Austen et al. (2015) described an alternative talin-TS based on folded peptide hairpins that denature at forces in the 7–11-pN range. Although most of their results are consistent with ours, they found that a significant fraction of(More)
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