Keiichi Yamaguchi

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A reactance-compensation technique has been introduced recently for the design of wideband class-E power amplifiers (PAs). With this technique, the load resistance can be transformed to an optimal complex drain impedance in a broad frequency band. One potential problem of this technique is that an additional network is often needed to transform 50 Ω(More)
Design and experimental results of a wideband and highly efficient class-E power amplifier are reported in this paper. The amplifier can cover the whole UHF broadcast band from 470MHz to 860MHz with an output power of 10W. The PA can achieve better than 70% power added efficiency (PAE) in a fractional bandwidth of 41% or better than 60% PAE in a bandwidth(More)
Pygopus2 (Pygo2) is a component of the Wnt signaling pathway, which is required for β-catenin mediated transcription. Plant homeodomain (PHD) finger in Pygo2 intercalates the methylated histone 3 (H3K4me) tail and HD1 domain of BCL9 that binds to β-catenin. Thus, PHD finger may be a potential target for the logical design of an anti-cancer drug. Here, we(More)
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