Keiichi Watanuki

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In recent years, the effect of globalization environment, and the aging of engineers and skill workers have tremendously changed the manufacture industry, therefore, transfer of technology and skill has become a very important issue. Parallel with the advancement of the Internet, e-learning systems stress on the learning of knowledge, skill transfer is(More)
In this paper, ontology technology has been used in the development and design of learning contents environment. When learning contents environment is designed, ontology technology plays an important role in the structuring of mechanical design knowledge. By doing this, the tacit information will be made clear and understandable that solves the problem of(More)
We developed a device that promotes walking which uses a two-dimensional emotion map for the exercise of the elderly. This map was made with two axes, the horizontal axis was pleasant or unpleasant, with the vertical axis being arousal or not, same as the circumplex model of affect (J. A. Russell (1980)). This device has two means to promote walking. One is(More)
Abstract: In recent years, as part of the remarkable development of electronic techniques, electronic control has been applied to various systems. Many sensors and actuators have been implemented into those systems, and energy efficiency and performance have been greatly improved. However, these systems have been complicated, and much time has been required(More)
In this paper, we dscribe the measurement of brain activity during lathe operation in a VR lathe environment by near-infrared spectroscopy. The results show that the trials with sounds of processing, oxyHb tended to increase in the auditory area during lathe operation. On the other hand, oxyHb didn't change in in the auditory area. The results also show(More)