Keiichi Ochiai

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This paper describes a method to extract local event information from the micro-blog service Twitter. Twitter holds innumerable user-posted short messages called tweets that cover various topics including local events. Our proposal is composed of three steps: 1) extract tweets related to local events from local tweets by the Support Vector Machine (SVM)(More)
In the field of virtual studios in the television industry, the facial live video stream and background scenes must be composed in real time. One of the complex problems in this compositing is matching the lighting between the facial live video and the background scene. In this paper, we develop a practical lighting reproduction technique to reproduce the(More)
Photorealistic image synthesis is a challenging topic in computer graphics. Image-based techniques for capturing and reproducing the appearance of real scenes have received a great deal of attention. A long measurement time and a large amount of memory are required in order to acquire an image-based relightable dataset, i.e., light transport or reflectance(More)
We present CamTrackPoint, a new input interface that can be controlled by index finger gestures captured by the rear camera of a mobile device. CamTrackPoint mounts a 3D-printed ring on the rear camera's bezel, and it senses the movement of the user's finger by tracking the light passed through the finger. The proposed method provides mobile devices with a(More)
Micro-blog service Twitter holds innumerable userposted short messages called tweets that cover various topics including local events. We proposed a method to extract a mount of various local event information using natural language processing from Twitter. This paper describes a method to extract event information and label categories such as music or(More)
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