Keiichi Mochizuki

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Neuronal plasticity in the pain-processing pathway is thought to be a mechanism underlying pain hypersensitivity and negative emotions occurring during a pain state. Recent evidence suggests that the activation of astrocytes in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) contributes to the development of negative emotions during pain hypersensitivity after(More)
The differential taste responses of the chorda tympani (CT) and the glossopharyngeal (GL) nerves in preweanling and adult mice were examined by comparing magnitudes of responses to six sugars and 10 amino acids. The results indicate that for sugars the responses of the CT nerve are greater than those of the GL nerve while for umami and essential amino acids(More)
Functional roles of the glossopharyngeal (GL) nerve on food and fluid intake were studied by examining effects of the GL denervation on two biologically different activities induced by specific diets using mice and rats. First, we examined whether GL section alters the acceptability of a bitter tasting essential amino acid, L-lysine (Lys), by Lys-deficiency(More)
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