Keiichi Hiroki

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This paper describes a new manipulation technique for small-screen mobile devices. The proposed technique, called HybridTouch, uses a touchpad attached to the rear surface of a PDA. A user can manipulate the PDA by simultaneously touching the front surface with a stylus pen held by the dominant hand and the rear surface with a finger of the nondominant(More)
In recent years, mobile devices have rapidly penetrated into our daily lives. However, several drawbacks of mobile devices have been mentioned so far. The proposed system called Toss-It provides intuitive information transfer techniques for mobile devices, by fully utilizing their mobility. A user of Toss-It can send information from the user's PDA to other(More)
Mobile devices have acceleratedly penetrated into our daily lives. Though they were originally designed as a communication tool or for personal use, and due to the rapid availability of wireless network technologies, people have begun to use mobile devices for supporting collaborative work and learning. There is, however, a serious problem in mobile devices(More)
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