Keigo Watanabe

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We have been developing exoskeletal robots in order to assist the motion of physically weak persons such as elderly persons or handicapped persons. In our previous research, a prototype of a two degree of freedom exoskeletal robots for shoulder joint motion assist have been developed since the shoulder motion is especially important for people to take care(More)
Biologically inspired control approaches based on central pattern generators (CPGs) with neural oscillators have been drawing much attention for the purpose of generating rhythmic motion for biped robots with human-like locomotion. This article describes the design of a neural-oscillator-based gait-rhythm generator using a network of Matsuoka oscillators to(More)
By reading, you can know the knowledge and things more, not only about what you get from people to people. Book will be more trusted. As this evolutionary computations new algorithms and their applications to evolutionary robots, it will really give you the good idea to be successful. It is not only for you to be success in certain life you can be(More)
A state-space approach is described for designing adaptive GPCs for single-input/single-output CARJMA systems having unknown plant parameters. An observer canonical innovation model is used for designing the j-step ahead output predictors, in which the direci outpui method that is based on using the plant output directly and the ouipui deviat ion meihod(More)