Keigo Suematsu

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The identification of intermediate filaments within immature cells is valuable as a means to investigate neuronal and glial differentiation. The purpose of this study is to investigate the time of appearance of neuron and glia within rat embryo by identifying cell-specific intermediate filaments. Pregnant rat were daily sacrificed from day 9-20 of(More)
We developed a new rating scale, Kohnan Vegetative Score, to measure severity and small clinical changes in vegetative state patients. It has 7 items corresponding to the conditions of vegetative state by Japanese Society of Neurosurgery: motor function, food ingestion, urination and defecation, eye movement, vocalization, communication, and facial(More)
Recently, cerebral amyloid angiopathy is stressed as an unusual and infrequent cause of cerebral infarct or intracerebral hemorrhage. This report described a case of cerebral amyloid angiopathy complicated by multiple cerebral infarcts and multiple intracerebral hemorrhages. This 70-year-old man was admitted to our hospital on November 10, 1984 for(More)
The morphological changes of radial glial cells in developing human spinal cord have been studied immunohistologically. The specimens extracted from developing human spinal cords, gestational age of 15 weeks, 30 weeks and 35 weeks, were prepared with cryostat for the investigation of anti vimentin mouse monoclonal antibody and of GFAP rabbit serum. We have(More)
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