Keigo Noda

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The target date in 2015 for the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was reached, and a new period of global goals for the post-2015 is dawning. To assess whether and how regional progress towards achieving the MDGs has contributed to better quality of life in developing nations, we formulated a correlation between various aspects of human(More)
A community's water supply is one of its most important infrastructures, as sufficient quality and quantity of water are as much prerequisites for human life as economic development. The rapid urbanization predicted for developing countries will cause serious water shortages in densely populated areas. The Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR) is taking(More)
In Southeast Asia, economic and population growth are expected in the near future. Rapid change is anticipated especially in the Lao PDR. Concern has been expressed that population growth will lead to an increased demand for food and economic growth to changes in the use of land. For food production to keep pace with the growth of population, it is very(More)
Two different types of elastic behaviors could be distinguished in the twitch contraction curve of the isolated frog geniohyoid muscle under changing of chemical conditions; one was negative oscillation that occurred after completion of the relaxation phase which was sequential to a typical cyclic pattern demonstrated in the contraction and relaxation(More)
In the frog tongue, there is an interesting physiological phenomenon named water response. Accordingly, it is said that the frog gustatory nerve contains water fiber. In spite of much experimental data, the nature or establishing process of water response is now not yet clear. As a common process the enhancement effect of Ca++ on the water response is well(More)
In general, skeletal muscle activity has been understood on the basis that the muscle is functionally consisted of contractile element and elastic element. In this paper it has been attempted to clarify the specific role of the geniohyoid muscle which is one member of the oro-basal muscular system, because our previous reports suggested an elastic(More)
The responses of the bullfrog lingual surface to continuous tactile flow stimulation for 3 minutes were characterized by a presence of conspicuous off-response. At that time the on-responses of the lingual surface were uniform in shape. The off-responses in the same situation were not uniform but multiform against expectation. These multiform off-responses(More)