Keigo Bunsen

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This paper presents a 60-GHz direct-conversion RF front-end and baseband transceiver including analog and digital circuitry for PHY functions. The 65-nm CMOS front-end consumes 319 and 223 mW in transmitting and receiving mode, respectively. It is capable of more than 7-Gb/s 16QAM wireless communication for every channel of the 60-GHz standards, which can(More)
This paper presents a 60GHz power amplifier using a capacitive cross-coupling neutralization. The capacitive cross-coupling neutralization contributes to improve power gain and reverse isolation. Moreover, the transmission line for matching networks is optimized to achieve highly power-efficient amplifier. The 3-stage differential power amplifier is(More)
This paper presents a 16QAM direct-conversion transceiver in 65 nm CMOS, which is capable of 60-GHz wireless standards. The capacitive cross-coupling neutralization contributes a high common-mode rejection and a high reverse isolation, and a fully-balanced mixer can improve the error vector magnitude due to the reduced local leakage. The maximum data rates(More)
This paper proposes a de-embedding method for on-chip S-parameter measurements at mm-wave frequency. The proposed method uses only two transmission lines with different length. In the proposed method, a parasitic-component model extracted from two transmission lines can be used for de-embedding for other-type DUTs like transistor, capacitor, inductor, etc.(More)
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