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The authors studied a sample of 537 Chinese medical students aged 15–21 years using Zung's Self-Rating Anxiety Scale (SAS) and a life events checklist. The results showed that test pressure, less free time, peer competition, failure in a test, and financial problems were the most common stressful experiences for medical students during the previous 12(More)
  • Keigo Asai
  • Shinrigaku kenkyu : The Japanese journal of…
  • 2014
The Over-Adaptation Tendency Scale is designed to assess internal (self-inhibitive personality traits) and external (other-directed behavioral adaptation strategies) characteristics of over adaptation. The relationships among over-adaptation, subjective well-being, and family relationships were investigated using this scale. The scale was administered to(More)
A new structure for a GaAs JFET (P-Column Gate FET) is proposed, employing p-column shaped gates in an active n-layer on a semi-insulating substrate, where the current flows through spaces between the gate columns. It was found that Be ion implantation can produce p-column gates. The FET I-V characteristics are also presented and discussed.
A GaAs-1 kbit RAM is demonstrated to realize high-speed switching at the LSI level. The SAINT FET is utilized to eliminate the surface depletion without an increase of excess capacitance. To lower the threshold voltage standard deviation, a one-direction gate arrangement is adopted. A pull-up circuit is also a new addition to the first reported RAM. The(More)
1860 primary school children, aged from 6 to 12 years, from urban suburban and rural areas in Japan were assessed by their school teachers according to the Rutter scale. The prevalence of children with deviant scores in the general population was 3% and this figure was lower than that for any other country assessed by the same scale. Eighty-four percent of(More)
A newly-developed GaAs static RAM process is described. A large transconductance (g<inf>m</inf>) of 260 mS/mm has been obtained for enhancement-mode FETs. The large transconductance is accomplished with both buried p-layer SAINT (BP-SAINT) and shallow 30 keV n-layer ion implantation applied to Metallic Amorphous Silicon gate (MAS) FET. A novel static RAM(More)