Kei Wai Cecilia Hung

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This paper introduces a new design to allow interactive, direct manipulation of volume data on volumetrically rendered images. We present an adaptive volume proxy mesh which serves not to define surfaces, but to encode the geometry and physical state of the volume. This system performs a modeling-free form of direct volume deformation by adaptively(More)
Patient-specific surgical simulation imposes both practical and technical challenges. We propose a segmentation-free, modeling-free framework that creates medical volumetric models for intuitive volume deformation and manipulation in patient-specific surgical simulation. The proposed framework creates a volumetric model based upon a new form of mesh(More)
Patient-specific, interactive surgical simulation has become a major research direction in the biomedical side of computer graphics. While performing deformation on patients’ medical volume data provides a realistic venue to define the most suitable operative strategy, the current simulators rely heavily on human efforts for data preprocessing. Such manual(More)
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