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The influence of grating length and bend radius of long-period gratings (LPGs) on refractive index sensing was examined. Sensitivity to refractive indexes smaller than that of silica could be enhanced by bending LPGs. Bent LPGs lost sensitivity to refractive indexes higher than that of silica, whereas a 20-mm-long LPG arranged in a straight line had(More)
Abstract For visualizing ultrasonic propagation, we have developed a generation laser scanning method. This method has the following features that make it superior to the conventional visualization methods such as the photo-elasticity method and the reception probe scanning method. (1) It enables us to visualize ultrasonic waves propagating on a complexly(More)
If it were possible to perform ultrasonic inspections while observing the propagation of ultrasonic waves as dynamic images, the identification of defect echoes would become easier, and inspection, quicker. Furthermore, fewer defects would be overlooked or improperly identified, leading to higher-reliability inspections. For visualizing ultrasonic(More)
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