Kei Takahashi

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To date, the nature of the phonological deficit in developmental dyslexia is still debated. We concur with possible impairments in the representations of the universal phonological constraints that universally govern how phonemes co-occur as a source of this deficit. We were interested in whether-and how-dyslexic children have sensitivity to(More)
—Distributing large data to many nodes, known as a broadcast or a multicast, is an important operation in parallel and distributed computing. Most previous broadcast algorithms explicitly or implicitly try to deliver data to all nodes in the same rate. While being reasonable for homogeneous environments where all nodes have similar receiving capababilities,(More)
Recently, sentence comprehension in languages other than European languages has been investigated from a cross-linguistic perspective. In this paper, we examine whether and how animacy-related semantic information is used for real-time sentence comprehension in a SOV word order language (i.e., Japanese). Twenty-three Japanese native speakers participated in(More)
BACKGROUND The day-to-day causes of stress are called daily hassles. Daily hassles are correlated with ill health. Biofeedback (BF) is one of the tools used for acquiring stress-coping skills. However, the anatomical correlates of the effects of BF with long training periods remain unclear. In this study, we aimed to investigate this. METHODS PARTICIPANTS(More)
In this paper, we argue that linear order plays crucial role in an adequate account of acceptability judgment and further that the linear order effects we observe should be seen in terms of real-time processing, rather than static syntax. To capture the linear-order effects, we formulate a memory-based model that predicts fine-grained degrees of(More)
Weyl fermions that emerge at band crossings in momentum space caused by the spin-orbit interaction act as magnetic monopoles of the Berry curvature and contribute to a variety of novel transport phenomena such as anomalous Hall effect and magnetoresistance. However, their roles in other physical properties remain mostly unexplored. Here, we provide evidence(More)