Kei Satoh

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Immediately after the accidents in the nuclear power stations in Fukushima on March 11, the Japanese Government ordered the evacuation of the residents within a 20-km radius from the station on March 12, and asked various institutions to monitor the contamination levels of the residents. Hirosaki University, which is located 355 km north of Fukushima City,(More)
Pancreatic cancer is an incredibly challenging disease due to its high rates of resistance to traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There has been little improvement in the prognosis of pancreatic cancer cases in the past decades, highlighting the crucial need for more effective therapeutic approaches. Erlotinib, an EGFR inhibitor, and gemcitabine, a(More)
—This paper presents measured results of man-made noise impact on an cryogenic receiver front-end (CRFE) in urban and suburban areas in the 2-GHz band with amplitude probability distribution (APD). The CRFE comprises a high-temperature superconducting filter, cryogenically-cooled low-noise amplifier, and highly-reliable cryostat. The CRFE is expected to be(More)
SUMMARY A novel high temperature superconducting interdigi-tal bandpass filter is proposed by using coplanar waveguide quarter-wavelength resonators. The CPW resonators are arranged in parallel, and consequently the filter becomes very compact. The filter is a 5-pole Cheby-shev BPF with a midband frequency of 5.0 GHz and an equal-ripple fractional bandwidth(More)
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