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Cerebral vascular permeability is an important consideration in treatment for intracranial tumours. We have developed a new method to measure the cerebral vascular permeability quantitatively using a conventional X-ray CT scanner and iodinated contrast medium. We have already applied our method in 50 cases of intracranial tumour and 5 cases, which establish(More)
This study investigated the influence of contrasting parent materials on tree chemical composition and growth rate under field conditions. On the island of Alnö, Sweden, alkaline intrusions are interspersed into non-alkaline gneiss bedrock, which provides a unique opportunity to conduct this study with a minimum of confounding effects. Three plots with(More)
We developed a method to measure regional permeability of cerebral capillary vessels, extracellular fluid space volume, and vascular bed volume using multi-slice dynamic CT with iodinated contrast medium. We implemented the method as a novel software "BBB study", and evaluated it in four cases of brain tumor. The examination time was about 20 minutes, and(More)
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