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Attempts to prevent peritoneal carcinomatosis after surgery for gastric cancer by intraperitoneal administration of anticancer drugs have not been successful, largely because the drugs are not retained in the peritoneal cavity. We have assessed the prophylactic efficacy of a delayed-release preparation--mitomycin adsorbed onto activated charcoal (M-CH). 50(More)
Visceral smooth muscle cells (VSMC) play an essential role, through changes in their contraction-relaxation cycle, in the maintenance of homeostasis in biological systems. The features of these cells differ markedly by tissue and by species; moreover, there are often regional differences within a given tissue. The biophysical features used to investigate(More)
Annelids are strongly segmented animals that display a high degree of metamerism in their body plan. The embryonic origin of metameric segmentation was examined in an oligochaete annelid Tubifex using lineage tracers. Segmental organization arises sequentially in the anterior-to-posterior direction along the longitudinal axis of the mesodermal germ band, a(More)
As in other clitellate annelids, embryonic development in the oligochaete Tubifex is characterized by the generation of five bilateral pairs of teloblasts (designated M, N, O, P and Q), which serve as embryonic stem cells to produce germ bands on either side of the embryo. A large part of the tissues comprising body segments has been assigned to the(More)
Phylogenetic positions of psychrophilic bacteria isolated from the Japan Trench were determined by sequencing analysis of PCR-amplified bacterial small subunit (16S) rRNA genes. Between surface and deep-sea psychrophiles, distinct positions clearly differed within the gamma-Proteobacteria. In phylogenetic analysis using neighbour-joining, maximum-parsimony(More)
Although evidence of important contributions by Cl- channels to agonist-induced currents have been reported in vascular smooth muscle cells, the functional roles played by Cl- channels in the smooth muscle contraction and in setting the membrane potential remain essentially obscure. All of the admittedly few papers published have focused on the(More)
Effects of concentrations of intracellular calcium, [Ca2+]i, on the voltage-dependent Ca2+ current (ICa) recorded from dispersed single smooth muscle cells of the rabbit portal vein were studied, using a whole cell voltage clamp method combined with an intracellular perfusion technique. Outward currents were minimized by replacement of Cs+ -rich solution in(More)
Using a whole-cell clamp technique on longitudinal smooth muscle cells of the rabbit ileum, it was found that the rate of decay of the macroscopic Ba current evoked by depolarization (to +20 mV) was not modified by changing the holding potential from -60 mV to -30 mV. Cadmium (20 microM) left only a small transient inward current. Using the patch clamp(More)
The effects of intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of adrenomedullin (AM) on plasma oxytocin (OXT), c-Fos protein (Fos), and c-fos messenger RNA (mRNA) in the paraventricular (PVN) and supraoptic nuclei (SON) of the rat were investigated using RIA for OXT, immunohistochemistry for Fos, and in situ hybridization histochemistry for c-Fos mRNA.(More)
A new syndrome of 'pure agraphia for Kanji' is described in 3 Japanese subjects with lesions in the left posteroinferior temporal region. Kanji (ideogram or morphogram) can be compared with orthographically irregular or ambiguous words in some European languages, since it is impossible to write Kanji characters unless each one of them is learned and(More)