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The recently standardized 3GPP codec for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) offers new features and improvements for low-delay real-time communication systems. Based on a novel, switched low-delay speech/audio codec, the EVS codec contains various tools for better compression efficiency and higher quality for clean/noisy speech, mixed content and music,(More)
We propose a low-complexity Bandwidth Extension (BWE) method operating in the Modified Discrete Cosine Transform (MDCT) domain to reduce the bitrate of wideband and super-wideband speech codecs. The proposed method generates a high-frequency signal by copying the MDCT spectrum from the low frequency part, and then adjusts tonality to improve the subjective(More)
EVS, the newly standardized 3GPP Codec for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) was developed for mobile services such as VoLTE, where error resilience is highly essential. The presented paper outlines all aspects of the advances brought during the EVS development on packet loss concealment, by presenting a high level description of all technical features present(More)
Macromolecular aspartate aminotransferase (L-aspartate: 2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase EC, AST) was found in the serum of a patient with benign hypertension. The serum total AST and mitochondrial AST (mAST) activities were proportionately higher. The abnormal AST was found to be a macromolecular complex composed of mAST and immunoglobulin G of the(More)
A 65-year-old woman had chronic myelomonocytic leukemia with peripheral neuropathy and IgA paraprotein with kappa type light chain. Plasma cells with "flaming" cytoplasma were seen in the bone marrow specimens. The findings suggest that chronic myelomonocytic leukemia may involve B-lymphocytes in the proliferative process and that it may be a clonal(More)
MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding—The ISO/MPEG Standard for High-Efficiency Audio Coding of All Content Types—Max Neuendorf,1 Markus Multrus,1 Nikolaus Rettelbach,1 Guillaume Fuchs,1 Julien Robilliard,1 Jérémie Lecomte,1 Stephan Wilde,1 Stefan Bayer,1 Sascha Disch,1 Christian Helmrich,1 Roch Lefebvre,2 Philippe Gournay,2 Bruno Bessette,2 Jimmy Lapierre,2(More)
概要 亜 急性 壊死性 リンパ 節炎 への髄膜 炎の合併 は きわ めて まれであ るが,我 々 は トキ ソプラ ズ マ抗体価 の上昇 と無菌性 髄膜 炎 を合併 した1例 を経験 した.患 者 は21才,男性.左 頚 部 リン パ 節の腫脹 ,発 熱,激 しい頭痛,悪 心,嘔 吐 を生訴 に入院.髄 液検査 にて無菌 性 髄膜炎 と診 断. 圧痛 を伴 う小指頭 大 リンパ 節 と肝 脾腫 を触 知.ツ 反偽陽性,EBVCA-lgG320×,EBNA40×, トキ ソプラズ マ(LA)2048×.リ ンパ節 生検 の結果,本 症 と診 断.リ ンパ節 中 トキ ソプラズマ 抗原 は陰性 で あったが アセチル ス ピラマイシ ン投与 を契機 に リンパ節腫 火,肝 脾 腫縮小,血 沈 改 善,ツ 反 陽転(More)
This paper describes new time domain techniques for concealing packet loss in the new 3GPP Enhanced Voice Services codec. Enhancements to the existing ACELP concealment methods include guided, improved pitch prediction, increased flexibility and accuracy of pulse resynchronization. Furthermore, the new method of separate linear predictive (LP) filter(More)
This paper proposes a vector quantization (VQ) method based on composite permutation coding for transform audio coding. VQ is widely used for audio data compression. It requires mean square error computation or a similar metric for finding the nearest neighbor in the codebook, which generally incurs a lot of operations. To reduce such operations, we focus(More)