Kei Kikuiri

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We propose a low-complexity Bandwidth Extension (BWE) method operating in the Modified Discrete Cosine Transform (MDCT) domain to reduce the bitrate of wideband and super-wideband speech codecs. The proposed method generates a high-frequency signal by copying the MDCT spectrum from the low frequency part, and then adjusts tonality to improve the subjective(More)
EVS, the newly standardized 3GPP Codec for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) was developed for mobile services such as VoLTE, where error resilience is highly essential. The presented paper outlines all aspects of the advances brought during the EVS development on packet loss concealment, by presenting a high level description of all technical features present(More)
In this paper, we present a variable bit rate control method for speech/audio coding, under the constraint that the total bit rate of a super-frame to be a constant. The proposed method uses a trellis diagram for optimizing the overall quality of the super-frame. In order to reduce the computational complexity, the trellis diagram uses approximation by(More)
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