Kei Kawakami

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In fission yeast, siRNA is generated from pericentromeric noncoding RNA by the RNAi machinery. siRNA synthesis and heterochromatin formation are interdependent, forming a self-reinforcing loop on chromatin. In this system, siRNA is amplified by the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase complex (RDRC) and the endoribonuclease Dcr1, which synthesizes dsRNA and(More)
Certain noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) implicated in the regulation of chromatin structure associate with chromatin. During the formation of RNAi-directed heterochromatin in fission yeast, ncRNAs transcribed from heterochromatin are thought to recruit the RNAi machinery to chromatin for the formation of heterochromatin; however, the molecular details of this(More)
Inner nuclear membrane proteins interact with chromosomes in the nucleus and are important for chromosome activity. Lem2 and Man1 are conserved members of the LEM-domain nuclear membrane protein family. Mutations of LEM-domain proteins are associated with laminopathy, but their cellular functions remain unclear. Here, we report that Lem2 maintains genome(More)
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