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In this paper, we propose an efficient acceleration method for the nonrigid registration of multimodal images that uses a graphics processing unit. The key contribution of our method is efficient utilization of on-chip memory for both normalized mutual information (NMI) computation and hierarchical B-spline deformation, which compose a well-known(More)
This paper presents an energy-autonomous bio-sensing system with the capability of wireless communication. The proposed system includes a biofuel cell as a power source and sensing frontend associated with the integrated supply-sensing sensor. The sensor consists of a digital-based gate leakage timer, supply-insensitive time-domain temperature sensor, and(More)
This paper presents a source-to-source OpenACC optimizer that automatically optimizes a histogram computation code for a graphics processing unit (GPU). Parallel histogram computation codes typically deploy multiple copies of histograms and update them with atomic operations. This duplication method can be implemented as an OpenACC code. However, the(More)
This paper presents a time-domain biosensor array that uses a capacitor-less current-mode analog-to-time converter (CMATC) and logarithmic cyclic time-attenuation-based TDC with discharging acceleration. Combining the exponential function of the CMATC and logarithmic function of the proposed TDC offers linear input-output characteristics. The time-domain(More)
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