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Western societies are confronted with a number of challenges caused by the increasing number of older citizens. One important aspect is the need and wish of older people to live as long as possible in their own home and maintain an independent life. As people grew older, their social networks disperse, with friends and families moving to other parts of(More)
There are growing needs for communication and collaboration on different managerial and operational levels in healthcare. On e trend th at has been noted in our modern society is the move of nursing care from traditional hospitals to the patient's own home. The aim of this paper is to suggest a conceptual solution for healthcare collaboration and to provide(More)
The present paper starts with a crucial discussion about the imbalance between technological and human concerns in the context of human-computer interaction, an imbalance that has arisen partly from the mechanistic aspect and its impact on interaction design. We then introduce the concept of Blended Reality Space, interactive mixed reality environments(More)
Blended Reality Space is our term for an interactive mixed-reality environment where the physical and the virtual are intimately combined in the service of interaction goals and communication environments aimed at health support and rehabilitation. The present study examines the effect on rated presence and self-presence of three key factors in the way(More)
We discuss issues relating to presence arising from the recent evolution of tangible interaction techniques as an alternative interaction paradigm to the familiar WIMP-based Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). The intersection of sensory, cognitive and also emotional aspects in such interfaces takes us a significant step further than GUI techniques. We(More)
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