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Human artificial chromosome (HAC) has several advantages as a gene therapy vector, including stable episomal maintenance that avoids insertional mutations and the ability to carry large gene inserts including the regulatory elements. Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells have great potential for gene therapy, as such cells can be generated from the(More)
Human artificial chromosomes (HACs) have several advantages as gene therapy vectors, including stable episomal maintenance, and the ability to carry large gene inserts. We previously developed HAC vectors from the normal human chromosomes using a chromosome engineering technique. However, endogenous genes were remained in these HACs, limiting their(More)
Most fundamental differences in the bacterial structure between the gram positive and negative bacteria are whether the organism has the outer membrane. The most essential mechanism of antimicrobial resistance in the gram negative bacteria are the alteration of membrane permeability to antibiotics. The outer membrane can perform as the barrier to prevent(More)
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