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Combining virtualization technology used in current server consolidation widely, physical machines are transferred to virtual machines (VMs) and the applications running in the physical machines are also transferred to VMs. Virtualization technology becomes a trend. In order to improve the reliability of virtual machine system, and to deal with the(More)
This paper discusses the expansion and extension of Internet instant messaging technology. It expands communication among people to the communication and collaboration between persons and things, to the communication and collaboration among things in the Internet of things. Its purpose is to allow anyone, wherever he or she is, to be able to communicate(More)
In this work, we show the intrinsic relations between optimal transportation and convex geometry, especially the variational approach to solve Alexandrov problem: constructing a convex polytope with prescribed face normals and volumes. This leads to a geometric interpretation to generative models, and leads to a novel framework for generative models. By(More)