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Combining virtualization technology used in current server consolidation widely, physical machines are transferred to virtual machines (VMs) and the applications running in the physical machines are also transferred to VMs. Virtualization technology becomes a trend. In order to improve the reliability of virtual machine system, and to deal with the(More)
With the advent of Web 2.0, new technologies for spatial data service, and demanding needs in spatial data sharing, and advanced analysis, both geographic information system and spatial statistics are facing challenges from different disciplines never met before. Due to their mutual beneficial roles in highlevel decision making, it’s quite essential to make(More)
This paper discusses the expansion and extension of Internet instant messaging technology. It expands communication among people to the communication and collaboration between persons and things, to the communication and collaboration among things in the Internet of things. Its purpose is to allow anyone, wherever he or she is, to be able to communicate(More)
The Face is a physiological Biometric trait used in Biometric System. In this paper face recognition using oriented complex wavelets and Fast Fourier Transform (FROCF) is proposed. The five-level Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform(DTCWT) is applied on face images to get shift invariant and directional features along ±15o ,± 45o and ± 75o angular(More)
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