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Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE), characterized by connective tissue mineralization of the skin, eyes, and cardiovascular system, is caused by mutations in the ABCC6 gene. ABCC6 encodes multidrug resistance-associated protein 6 (MRP6), which is expressed primarily in the liver and kidneys. Mechanisms producing ectopic mineralization as a result of these(More)
ABCC6, a member of the adenosine 5'-triphosphate-binding cassette family of genes, encodes multidrug resistance-associated protein 6, a putative transmembrane transporter expressed primarily in the liver and to a significantly lower extent in other tissues. Mutations in ABCC6 result in pseudoxanthoma elasticum, a multi-system heritable connective tissue(More)
The members of the plakin family of proteins serve as epidermal cytolinkers and components of cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion complexes, i.e., desmosomes and hemidesmosomes, respectively. Periplakin is a recently characterized member of this family. Human and mouse periplakin genomic loci are conserved, and the proteins are highly homologous, suggesting(More)
For bilateral teleoperation system, the performance of trajectory tracking and force feedback is not ensured due to delay introduced by the communication channel. This paper proposed a novel stabilization control method based on fuzzy singularly perturbed model of bilateral teleoperation. Firstly, system equations are transformed into state space expression(More)
The tracking and synchronization problem of uncertain chaotic system, which is considered to be applied in secure communication in the future by many researchers, is considered in this paper. A double integral sliding mode controller is adopted to cope with the uncertainties of the chaotic system. Adaptive and robust strategies, such as Nussbaum gain(More)
Resin diamond grinding wheels are applied to the back thinning grinding (back grinding) of IC silicon wafers. The wheels should have very high performance because the silicon wafers ground by them can reach nano-scale roughness, micron-scale damage layer thickness and micron-scale surface type accuracy. The depth of subsurface damage and Ra value of(More)
BACKGROUND Most cardiovascular diseases occur in low- and middle-income regions of the world, but the socioeconomic distribution within China remains unclear. Our study aims to investigate whether the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases differs among high-, middle-, and low-income regions of China and to explore the reasons for the disparities. METHODS(More)
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