Kehinde Adebayo Babatunde

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OBJECTIVES The present day challenge is how to obtain germ cells from stem cells to treat patients with cancer and infertility. Much more efforts have been made to develop a procedure for attaining germ cells in vitro. Recently, human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells (HUMSCs) have been introduced with higher efficacy for differentiation. In(More)
OBJECTIVES Although previous studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of human umbilical cord matrix stem cell (hUCM) transplantation post myocardial infarction (MI), but this stem cell resource has no potential to induce angiogenesis. In order to achieve the process of angiogenesis and cardiomyocyte regeneration, two required factors for cardiac(More)
Cancer testis antigens (CTAs), a large family of tumor-associated and immunogenic antigens expressed in human tumors of various histological origins, are highly restricted to the testis and trophoblast. CTAs have been identified as potent targets for tumor-specific immunotherapeutic advances and have immensely lead to the development of different clinical(More)
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