Keh-Hsun Chen

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The current global selective search and decomposition search in Go typically back up territory scores. This approach is inherently flawed. We propose a new strategy of backing up ‘‘chance of winning’’. We show how an evaluation function on the chance of winning can be constructed. Also we develop a probabilistic combinatorial game model and an algorithm for(More)
This paper intends to provide an analytical overview of the research performed in the domain of computer Go. Domain knowledge that is essential to Go-playing programs is identified. Various computation and search techniques that can be used effectively to obtain helpful domain knowledge are presented. Four different move-decision paradigms applied by(More)
We present algorithms for searching and generating solutions to the equation x<sub>1</sub><sup>2</sup>+x<sub>2</sub><sup>2</sup>+ ...+x<sub>n</sub><sup>2</sup> = kx<sub>1</sub>x<sub>2</sub>...x<sub>n</sub>. Solutions are reported for n = 2, 3,..., 9. Properties of solutions are discussed. We can prove that the solutions do not exist when n=4 and k=2 or 3,(More)