Keh-Hsun Chen

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We present algorithms for searching and generating solutions to the equation x<sub>1</sub><sup>2</sup>+x<sub>2</sub><sup>2</sup>+ ...+x<sub>n</sub><sup>2</sup> = kx<sub>1</sub>x<sub>2</sub>...x<sub>n</sub>. Solutions are reported for n = 2, 3,..., 9. Properties of solutions are discussed. We can prove that the solutions do not exist when n=4 and k=2 or 3,(More)
This paper proposes two dynamic randomization techniques for Monte-Carlo Go that uses Monte-Carlo tree search with UCT algorithm. First, during the in-tree phase of a simulation game, the parameters are randomized in selected ranges before each simulation move. Second, during the playout phase, the order of simulation move generators are hierarchically(More)