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Herein, we reported on a series of synthetic nitric oxide-releasing enmein-type diterpenoid hybrids (9a-i). All the target compounds showed potent antibacterial activity against selected Gram-positive bacteria S. aureus and B. subtilis. The antiproliferative activity against human tumor K562, MGC-803, CaEs-17 and Bel-7402 cells, and human normal liver cells(More)
Isodon rubescens has been used as a traditional green tea for more than 1000 years and many medicinal functions of I. rubescens are also very useful, such as its well-known antitumor and antibacterial activities. Oridonin, a bioactive ent-kaurane diterpenoid, is the major ingredient of this medicinal tea. Herein, 22 novel oridonin derivatives were designed(More)
K-ras is a member of ras gene family which is involved in cell survival, proliferation and differentiation. When a mutation occurs in ras gene, the activation of Ras proteins may be prolonged to induce oncogenesis. However, the relationship between K-ras mutation and clinical outcomes in pancreatic cancer patients treated with chemotherapy agents is still(More)
Oridonin belongs to ent-kaurane tetracyclic diterpenoid and was first isolated from Isodon species. It exhibits inhibitory activities against a variety of tumor cells, and pharmacological study shows that oridonin could inhibit cell proliferation, DNA, RNA and protein synthesis of cancer cells, induce apoptosis and exhibit an antimutagenic effect. In(More)
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