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Instability in a marginal coral reef: the shift from natural variability to a human‐dominated seascape
As global climate change drives the demise of tropical reef ecosystems, attention is turning to the suitability of refuge habitat. For the Great Barrier Reef, are there historically stable southernExpand
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Historical levels of heavy metals reconstructed from sedimentary record in the Hejiang River, located in a typical mining region of Southern China.
Historical levels of Pb, Zn, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, As, Fe, Al and Mn were found in C1 and C2 sediment cores from the Hejiang River, which is located in a typical mining region of Southern China, the levelsExpand
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Reconstruction of storm/tsunami records over the last 4000 years using transported coral blocks and lagoon sediments in the southern South China Sea
Large transported coral blocks on reef flats and elevated sedimentation rates in atoll lagoons were demonstrated to be excellent proxies for past strong storms/tsunamis in the southern South ChinaExpand
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Chemical weathering and CO2 consumption in the Xijiang River basin, South China
Monthly samples of riverine water were collected and analyzed for the concentrations of major ions (Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, Na+, HCO3-, SO42-, Cl-, NO3-), dissolved silicon, and total dissolved solids (TDS)Expand
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Interspecies and spatial diversity in the symbiotic zooxanthellae density in corals from northern South China Sea and its relationship to coral reef bleaching
Coral reef bleaching is usually characterized by expulsion of symbiotic zooxanthellae, loss of zooxanthellae pigmentation, or both. We collected 128 samples comprising 39 species of 21 genera ofExpand
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U-series dating of dead Porites corals in the South China sea: Evidence for episodic coral mortality over the past two centuries
High-precision (up to +/- 1-2 years) U-series dating of dead in situ massive Porites corals on the reef flats of Yongshu and Meiji Reefs, Nansha area, southern South China Sea reveals that mortalityExpand
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Mid-late Holocene monsoon climate retrieved from seasonal Sr/Ca and delta O-18 records of Porites lutea corals at Leizhou Peninsula, northern coast of South China Sea
South China Sea (SCS) is a major moisture source region, providing summer monsoon rainfall throughout Mainland China, which accounts for more than 80% total precipitation in the region. We reportExpand
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Coral reefs in the South China Sea: Their response to and records on past environmental changes
  • Kefu Yu
  • Geology
  • Science China Earth Sciences
  • 1 August 2012
This paper reviews both the recent and longer-term (Holocene) ecological history of coral reefs in the South China Sea (SCS). (1) Local ecological monitoring since the 1960s shows that the coralExpand
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Seasonal characteristics and current sources of OCPs and PCBs and enantiomeric signatures of chiral OCPs in the atmosphere of Vietnam.
  • W. Wang, Y. Wang, +6 authors Kefu Yu
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • The Science of the total environment
  • 15 January 2016
Passive air samplers (PAS) were deployed concurrently at 15 locations (nine urban sites and six rural sites) in Vietnam and exposed for approximately 6 weeks from June 26, 2012 to August 26, 2012 andExpand
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Twenty-five years of change in scleractinian coral communities of Daya Bay (northern South China Sea) and its response to the 2008 AD extreme cold climate event
Coral reefs worldwide are becoming increasingly and detrimentally impacted upon by a variety of factors including significant climate changes, such as global warming and increased El Nino-SouthernExpand
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