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Acting as an entirely new Internet application model, Cloud computing will be the leading way to access services and information in the near future. The thesis focuses on the definition of Cloud computing and its application occasions; puts forward six technical advantages on the basis of the beginning of its technical features; analyses the programming and(More)
Resource-transition circuits (RTCs) and siphons are related to the deadlock problem and liveness control problem in Petri net models of automated manufacturing systems. This paper will concentrate on a particular type of Petri nets called systems of sequential processes with resources (SPRs) and solves the RTC and siphon enumeration problems. A graph-based(More)
To precisely determine heme and non-heme iron contents in meat product, the feasibility of combining spectral with texture features extracted from multispectral imaging data (405-970 nm) was assessed. In our study, spectra and textures of 120 pork sausages (PSs) treated by different temperatures (30-80 °C) were analyzed using different calibration models(More)
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