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An experiment investigating the photoelectron instability has been performed in BEPC at IHEP, China. The betatron oscillation of each bunch was observed and recorded by a single pass beam position monitor system which has a capability to measure the transverse position of every bunch over 16000 turns. The effect of an octupole magnet on the instability was(More)
The basic requirement for the BEPC beam position monitor is the measurement of the beam orbit with 0.1 mm precision near the collision point. To improve the measurement accuracy, the response of the beam position monitor pickups was mapped in the laboratory before they were installed in the BEPC ring. The microcomputer-controlled test set consists of high(More)
For photoconductive (PC) antennae used as terahertz (THz) detectors, traditional data processing methods should be improved because the space-charge and radiation field screening effects and the time dependence of photocarriers density have not been considered. Through developing a double-probe-pulse THz detection technique and using an equivalent-circuit(More)
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