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Sperm motility and hence male fertility strictly depends on proper development of the sperm tail and its tight anchorage to the head. The main protein of sperm tail outer dense fibers, ODF1/HSPB10, belongs to the family of small heat shock proteins that function as molecular chaperones. However, the impact of ODF1 on sperm tail formation and motility and on(More)
Strontium ion formed DNA-phosphate precipitates analogous to those formed by calcium but lacking the lethal and differentiation-inducing effects of calcium on many epithelial cell types in primary culture. Human primary bronchial epithelial cells were transiently and stably transfected by using strontium phosphate; the frequency of stable transformation(More)
The small heat shock protein ODF1/HSPB10 is essential for male fertility in mice. Targeted deletion of Odf1 resulted in acephalic sperm in homozygous mice of mixed background (C57BL/6J//129/Sv), whereas heterozygous animals are fully fertile. To further elucidate the function of ODF1, we generated incipient congenic mice with targeted deletion of Odf1 by(More)
Cortical glutamatergic neurons are generated by radial glial cells (RGCs), specified by the expression of transcription factor (TF) Pax6, in the germinative zones of the dorsal telencephalon. Here, we demonstrate that Pax6 regulates the structural assembly of the interphase centrosomes. In the cortex of the Pax6-deficient Small eye (Sey/Sey) mutant, we find(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the repair and function reconstruction of complex soft tissue defect of posterior of hand and forearm. METHODS From May 2001 to November 2003, 8 cases of soft tissue defect of posterior of hand and forearm were repaired with thoracico abdominal flaps with hilum for primary stage. The tendon transplantation and allogeneic tendon function(More)
Urban Elevated Road ramp merge area is usually become a bottleneck of capacity, affecting the use of whole roads resources. Through the traffic characteristics and road structure analysis of merge area, and then adjust the vehicle lane, you can effectively improve the traffic capacity of merge area. Base on elevated road survey data of shanghai, from the(More)
The centrosome/basal body protein ODF2/Cenexin is necessary for the formation of the primary cilium. Primary cilia are essential organelles that sense and transduce environmental signals. Primary cilia are therefore critical for embryonic and postnatal development as well as for tissue homeostasis in adulthood. Impaired function of primary cilia causes(More)
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