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In recent years, with the rapid development of computer information technology, a lot of information has been speeded with the internet. The information leaks often cause huge losses, so more and more attentions were paid to the research of information security. Hardware encryption card based on chaotic encryption algorithm is compared with traditional(More)
In secure communications, chaos has the characteristics of excellent encryption technology, it is appropriate for applications in information encryption. But what the limited accuracy of the computer and simple structure of the chaotic system are easily threatened, and chaotic structure limits its practical application. To solve the problem, a new kind of(More)
Array manifold error is the key factor which influences the performance of DOA algorithm. In ship borne radar, after distance and velocity resolution, the corresponding spatial azimuth of first-order sea echo can be computed. The first-order sea echo on the fixed frequency can be considered as scale source. After array covariance matrix's eigen value(More)
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