Kees van Berkel

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Communication over a MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) channel promises several advantages: increase in channel capacity, reduced transmit power, greater coverage, and improved link robustness. The minimum mean squared error equalizer (MMSE) is a potential algorithm in addressing the MIMO detection challenge. This paper presents four implementations for(More)
Today's smartphones and tablets contain multiple cellular modems to support 2G/3G/4G standards, including Long Term Evolution (LTE). They run on complex multi-processor hardware platforms and have to meet hard real-time constraints. Dataflow modeling can be used to design an LTE receiver. Static dataflow allows a rich set of analysis techniques, but is too(More)
This paper describes VPF, a VLIW SIMD processor architecture developed to demonstrate the possibilities and limitations of the modern FPGA devices with respect to vector processing. VPF is developed in a bottom-up manner, using some specific Xilinx Virtex-4 device features to achieve 200 MHz performance for vector widths up to 16 issuing one VLIW(More)
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