Kees Moerman

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A major challenge of software-defined radio (SDR) is to realize many giga operations per second of flexible baseband processing within a power budget of only a few hundredmW. A heterogeneous hardware architecture with the programmable vector processor EVP as key component can support WLAN, UMTS, and other standards. A detailed rationale for the EVP(More)
Foods such as breads and breakfast cereals enriched with a combination of soy protein (soy grits and/or soy flour) and whole linseed are gaining popularity. Regular consumption of either whole grains or soy protein can lower risk factors for coronary heart disease. Furthermore, linseed is a rich source of the omega-3 fatty acid. alpha-linolenic acid (LNA),(More)
Communication over a MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) channel promises several advantages: increase in channel capacity, reduced transmit power, greater coverage, and improved link robustness. The minimum mean squared error equalizer (MMSE) is a potential algorithm in addressing the MIMO detection challenge. This paper presents four implementations for(More)
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