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11 numbers, block lists, variable-sized blocks, indivisible writes, and offset addressing are key abstractions in such a generic interface. In addition to introducing a new disk abstraction, we have designed, built, and measured a log-structured implementation of the LD interface. This log-structured LD incorporates ideas from Sprite LFS [Rosenblum and(More)
To present anastomosis with cyanoacrylate as a cheap, simple, fast, and available technique for anastomosis in urological, vascular, gynecological, and general surgical procedures. This method may in the future be a good alternative to microsurgery, particularly in centers where facilities are unavailable and the financial implication is unbearable for the(More)
This document describes the implementation of an Occam to EM compiler.T he lexical analysis is done using Lex.F or the semantic analysis the extended LL(1) parser generator LLgen is used. Toh andle the Occam-specific features as channels and paral-lelism some library routines are required.
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