Kees B. Geerse

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Phytate is the main storage form of phosphorus in many plant seeds, but bound in this form it is a poor nutrient for monogastric animals. Its availability can be significantly increased by addition of the enzyme phytase, which releases phosphate from the substrate, phytate. We have engineered a phytase from Aspergillus niger in tobacco seeds, providing a(More)
The relative importance of the three particulate matter (PM) size fractions in ambient air, i.e. coarse (2.5–10 µm), fine (0.1–2.5 µm) and ultrafine (<0.1 µm) fractions, on the induction of adverse health effects is still unknown. Moreover, there is no straightforward relationship between ambient concentration levels, exposure (external dose) and the dose(More)
Monodisperse aerosols show therapeutic advantages, but they are difficult to generate. A new method (electrohydrodynamic atomization) is described. A high voltage is applied to a nozzle through which a solution, containing dissolved drug, is pumped. At the nozzle tip, a liquid cone is formed and a stream of monodisperse droplets is released. The droplet(More)
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