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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of phentolamine, a sympathetic blocking agent, on the spontaneous electrical activity (SEA) recorded from a locus of a myofascial trigger spot (MTrS), equivalent to a human trigger point, in rabbit skeletal muscle. DESIGN Randomized control trial. SETTING A university medical laboratory. PATIENTS OR OTHER(More)
This project focused on identifying the influence of subject characteristics and foam properties on seat contours in order to explain the load transfer between the buttocks and cushion. Seat contours were recorded for 17 people (11 spinal cord injured and six able-bodied individuals). Contour characteristics were represented by maximum contour depth,(More)
OBJECTIVE Dry needling of myofascial trigger points can relieve myofascial pain if local twitch responses are elicited during needling. Spontaneous electrical activity (SEA) recorded from an active locus in a myofascial trigger point region has been used to assess the myofascial trigger point sensitivity. This study was to investigate the effect of dry(More)
Previous research indicated that matching a cushion to the shape of the buttocks results in less tissue distortion and lower interface pressures. A system was developed to measure body contours and fabricate a cushion to match the measured contour. This project fabricated contoured foam cushions for 11 persons with spinal cord lesions (C5-L3). Mean(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the usefulness of custom-contoured cushions (CCCs) in providing a safe sitting surface. The efficacy of CCCs was investigated using ten spinal cord injured persons who evaluated contoured foam as their primary wheelchair cushion. External pressures at the seat interface were measured on a subject's regular cushion(More)
The development, implementation and evaluation of an algorithm designed to find optimal seat support surfaces is presented. The algorithm has been developed and implemented on an active contour measurement device. The device consists of an array of positioning elements equipped with force sensors for feedback. With a patient seated on the array, the(More)
A system for the design and analysis of seat support and buttock tissue interfaces has been developed. It has the ability to control the seating surface shape while measuring the pressure applied to the buttocks by the surface. Pressures are measured over an 11 x 12 rectangular array of support elements using silicon pressure sensors mounted in a swiveling(More)
This article describes the development of a computer-controlled system for measuring anatomical contours and forces at the interface with seat surfaces. The system was designed to eliminate the cause of pressure sores, which are a major problem for wheelchair-bound individuals. A parallel and compatible system also has been developed for the rapid,(More)
The design, application and evaluation of a specialized, personal computer-based manufacturing system for contouring foam cushions is presented. The topics discussed include both the hardware configuration and the software design. The target applications of this device are local or centralized fabrication of custom-contoured seat cushions. Although the(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the influence of existing muscle tone abnormality on the sitting posture of stroke patients in reclining wheelchairs. AIM To investigate the impact of muscle tone abnormality from hemiplegia on the forward sliding and pressure of stroke patients while sitting in reclining wheelchairs. DESIGN Experimental study. SETTING(More)