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We present a case of a 17-year-old Hispanic male with Arnold-Chiari Type 1 [AC-Type 1] with syringomyelia, status post decompression, who complains of exercise intolerance, headaches, and fatigue with exertion. The patient was found to have diurnal hypercapnia and nocturnal alveolar hypoventilation. Cardiopulmonary testing revealed blunting of the(More)
The application of the best practices of teaching adults to the education of adults in medical education settings is important in the process of transforming learners to become and remain effective physicians. Medical education at all levels should be designed to equip physicians with the knowledge, clinical skills, and professionalism that are required to(More)
Objective: Asthma in sickle cell disease (SCD) patients is associated with elevated morbidity and mortality. Early detection and initiation of treatment may therefore lead to improved outcome. Utility of an asthma screening questionnaire to identify obstructive airway disease and physician diagnosed asthma in children with SCD at an outpatient setting as an(More)
A career in pediatrics can bring great joy and satisfaction. It can also be challenging and lead some providers to manifest burnout and depression. A curriculum designed to help pediatric health providers acquire resilience and adaptive skills may be a key element in transforming times of anxiety and grief into rewarding professional experiences. The need(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent studies suggest that the high mortality rate of respiratory viral infections is a result of an overactive neutrophilic inflammatory response. Macrolides have anti-inflammatory properties, including the ability to downregulate the inflammatory cascade, attenuate excessive cytokine production in viral infections, and may reduce(More)
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