Keehyun Shin

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For the adaption of roll-to-roll printing method to the printed electronics, it is mandatory to increase the resolution of register control. A two-dimensional register was derived considering both the lateral motion and strain of a moving web, and the transverse position of a printing roll. Also, a correlation between machine directional register and cross(More)
Roll-to-roll (R2R) slot-die coating systems are mostly devoted to the mass manufacture of printed electronics. This study examined the correlation among the operating conditions, thickness, and width of the patterned strip fabricated by the R2R slot-die system. A full factorial experiment was conducted to screen for effective parameters. The velocity of a(More)
Since network resource of mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is limited due to the contention-based wireless communication channel at the medium access layer and energy of mobile nodes is constrained due to the energy-limited batteries, the scalability issue is one of main research topics in developing MANET routing algorithms. Therefore, this paper analyzes the(More)
Dancer systems are typical equipment for attenuation of tension disturbances. The two kinds of dancer, active dancer and passive dancer, are distinguished by an external actuator. In the active dancer, the position of the dancer roll is measured and the roll is forced by the external actuator to regulate tension disturbances. However, the passive dancer,(More)
In roll-to-roll slot-die coating process, the characteristics such as coated layer thickness or roughness which determines the performance of the devices such as OPV, OLED are important. And it is determined by the interaction of coating variables which are coating gap, operating velocity, flow rate. In this study, sensitivity analysis for each variable was(More)
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