Keehong Seo

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—We present a new bio-inspired control strategy for an autonomous underwater vehicle by constructing coupled non-linear oscillators, similar to the animal central pattern generators (CPGs). Using contraction theory, we show that the network of oscillators globally converges to a specific pattern of oscillation. We experimentally validate the proposed(More)
— This paper gives an overview of the development of a novel biped walking machine for a humanoid robot, Roboray. This lower-limb robot is designed as an experimental system for studying biped locomotion based on force and torque controlled joints. The robot has 13 actuated DOF and torque sensors are integrated at all the joints except the waist joint. We(More)
—This paper proposes a robust path-following control method of a kinematic mobile robot system subject to bounded angular velocity error. The angular velocity error usually arises from imperfect performance of the dynamic control system. Given a kinematic model of the mobile robot system with bounded angular velocity error, we present a stable and robust(More)