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During pregnancy, glucocorticoids transfer environmental signals to the growing brain and its associated neuroendocrine system to modulate their maturation and function during adolescence and adulthood. Increased in utero exposure to glucocorticoids is associated with impaired fetal growth resulting in low birth weight (LBW) and compromised neural(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes is one of the major risk factors for cardiomyopathy and heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (EF) and highly associated with left ventricular (LV) dysfunction in human. This study aimed 1) to noninvasively assess cardiac function using echocardiography; 2) to test the hypothesis that like diabetic human, cardiac function may also(More)
Neuroprosthetic devices that interface with the nervous system to restore functional motor activity offer a viable alternative to nerve regeneration, especially in proximal nerve injuries like brachial plexus injuries where muscle atrophy may set in before nerve re-innervation occurs. Prior studies have used control signals from muscle or cortical activity.(More)
Birth weight predicts the lifetime risk for psychopathology suggesting that the quality of fetal development influences the predisposition for mental disorders. The connectivity and synaptic network of the hippocampus are implicated in depression, schizophrenia and anxiety. We thus examined the underlying molecular adaptations in the hippocampus as a(More)
The Infinium Human Methylation450 BeadChip Array (Infinium 450K) is a robust and cost-efficient survey of genome-wide DNA methylation patterns. Macaca fascicularis (Cynomolgus macaque) is an important disease model; however, its genome sequence is only recently published, and few tools exist to interrogate the molecular state of Cynomolgus macaque tissues.(More)
BACKGROUND Although an adverse early-life environment has been linked to an increased risk of developing the metabolic syndrome, the molecular mechanisms underlying altered disease susceptibility as well as their relevance to humans are largely unknown. Importantly, emerging evidence suggests that these effects operate within the normal range of birth(More)
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