Kee-Yip Chan

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Urban intersections are the most dangerous parts of a blind or visually impaired pedestrian's travel. A prerequisite for safely crossing an intersection is entering the crosswalk in the right direction and avoiding the danger of straying outside the crosswalk. This paper presents a proof of concept system that seeks to provide such alignment information.(More)
In this paper, we propose novel techniques for feature parameter extraction based on MFCC and feature recognition using dynamic time warping algorithm for application in speaker-independent isolated digits recognition. Using the proposed Weighted MFCC (WMFCC), we achieve low computational overhead for the feature recognition stage since we use only 13(More)
We demonstrate a system designed to assist a visually impaired individual while moving in an unfamiliar environment. Small and economical color markers are placed in key locations, possibly in the vicinity of other signs (bar codes or text). The user can detect these markers by means of a cell phone equipped with a camera. Our demonstration highlights a(More)
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