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Restoration of rolling-contact-fatigued surfaces via nanoskin technology.
Rolling contact fatigue (RCF) is known as the dominant factor determining the service life of bearing materials. In this work, the fatigue life of the typical bearing alloy was significantly improvedExpand
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Gigacycle fatigue behavior by ultrasonic nanocrystalline surface modification.
Nanocrystalline surface layer up to 84 microm in thick is produced on a specimen made of Al6061-T6 alloy by means of surface treatment called ultrasonic nanocrystalline surface modification (UNSM)Expand
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Synthesis and Characterization of NiCoFeCrAl3 High Entropy Alloy Coating by Laser Cladding
The NiCoFeCrAl3 high entropy alloy coating with a little addition of C, Si, Mn, Mo has been succesively synthesized by laser cladding. The results show that simple solution phases of ordered BCC andExpand
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Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructural Evolution of 13Cr Martensitic Stainless Steel
13Cr martensitic stainless steels are widely used in gas industry, which are usually manufactured by quenching-tempering treatment. Microstructural study of 13Cr steel through various heat treatmentsExpand
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Corrosion resistance of Fe2O3-Cr2O3 artificial passive films formed with LP-MOCVD
Fe2O3-Cr2O3 artificial passive films were formed with a low pressure MOCVD technique using iron (III) acetylacetonate and chromium (III) acetylacetonate. The relationships between the crystalExpand
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Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of TiC, TiB2 and VC with Low Carbon Steel Surface Alloy Fabricated by High Energy Electron Beam Irradiation
Because of its excellent process advantages such as high energy efficiency, short irradiation time and rapid heating, high energy electron beam (HEEB) irradiation is becoming of interest as a futureExpand
Low Cycle Fatigue Properties and an Energy-Based Approach for as-Extruded AZ 31 Magnesium Alloy
Low cycle fatigue tests were conducted to investigate the cyclic deformation behavior and the energy-based criterion of AZ31 magnesium alloy. The alloy exhibited an asymmetric hysteresis loop due toExpand
Carbon microspheres grown by using hydride vapor phase epitaxy
A carbon microsphere of a core-shell type was grown by using a new method of mixed-source hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE). The surface and the cross section of the carbon microsphere grown byExpand
Effect of Aging on the Creep Properties and Microstructural Evolution of P92 Steel
The P92 steels were aged at 632°C for 500hrs and 1,000hrs, and creep ruptured at 650°C~625°C with stress of 120~110 MPa. The creep rupture life (CRL) of the aged samples was decreased with the agedExpand
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