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PURPOSE To investigate whether patient-reported outcomes are different according to patients' preference or experience in surgical decision making for carpal tunnel release. METHODS We preoperatively surveyed 85 patients who underwent carpal tunnel release regarding their preferred role in the process of surgical decision making and assessed their(More)
BACKGROUND Although accumulative evidence exists that support the applicability of multi-segmental foot models (MFMs) in evaluating foot motion in various pathologic conditions, little is known of the effect of aging on inter-segmental foot motion. The objective of this study was to evaluate differences in inter-segmental motion of the foot between older(More)
Synovial chondromatosis is an uncommon lesion of unknown etiology, characterized by progressive metaplasia associated with the formation of cartilage in the synovial membranes of joints, tendon sheaths, or bursae. Synovial chondromatosis is typically monoarticular and affects large joints such as the knee and hip, although it has also been described in the(More)
BACKGROUND Total ankle replacement (TAR) and ankle arthrodesis (AA) are usually performed for severe ankle arthritis. We compared postoperative foot segmental motion during gait in patients treated with TAR and AA. METHODS Gait analysis was performed in 17 and 7 patients undergoing TAR and AA, respectively. Subjects were evaluated using a 3-dimensional(More)
BACKGROUND There are numerous accessory portals for the arthroscopic repair of superior labral anterior and posterior lesions. Many surgeons are reluctant to make a portal through the cuff because of concern about iatrogenic injury to the cuff. HYPOTHESIS An arthroscopic superior labral anterior and posterior lesion repair procedure using the(More)
As carpal tunnel syndrome is more common in women, particularly around the menopause, female-related risk factors are suspected to play a role in its pathogenesis. We have assessed whether female hormone-related symptoms are associated with upper extremity disabilities in women undergoing carpal tunnel release. A total of 92 women with a mean age of 53(More)
BACKGROUND Reports on the relationship between osteoporosis and osteoarthritis (OA) have tended to disagree, especially in non-weight bearing joints such as the hand joints. We aimed to investigate the relationship between bone mineral density (BMD) and hand and knee OA in a general Korean elderly population. METHODS We evaluated femur neck BMD and the(More)
BACKGROUND Medial epicondylitis is a tendinopathy of the common flexor-pronator origin, and surgical treatment is required when this condition fails to respond to nonoperative methods. This study details the development of a new technique, termed fascial elevation and tendon origin resection (FETOR), which facilitates the complete visualization and(More)
BACKGROUND The Korean version of the Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire (K-MHQ) was recently validated; however, the questionnaire's responsiveness as well as the degree to which the instrument is sensitive to change has not been thoroughly evaluated in a specific condition in Koreans. We evaluated the responsiveness of the K-MHQ in a homogenous cohort of(More)
“Buttonholing” of the radial head through the anterior joint capsule is a known cause of irreducible anterior radial head dislocation associated with Monteggia injuries in pediatric patients. To the best of our knowledge, no report has described an injury consisting of buttonholing of the radial head through the annular ligament and a simultaneous radial(More)