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The cloud computing paradigm attracts increasing amount of Modeling&Simulation (M&S) practitioners to perform their simulations in the cloud. Two issues, namely, the architecture of the Cloud-based Simulation (CSim) and the parallel simulation job scheduling in the CSim, should be addressed ï¬ rst to make the CSim practical. This paper reports our(More)
An increasing number of high performance computing parallel applications leverages the power of the cloud for parallel processing. How to schedule the parallel applications to improve the quality of service is the key to the successful host of parallel applications in the cloud. The large scale of the cloud makes the parallel job scheduling more complicated(More)
The concept of Base Object Model (BOM) which enhances the interoperability and reusability of federates has resolved the problem of ineffective utilization of federates during the process of federation development. However, it does not refer to the control and organization on a simulation execution. It is laborious and time-consuming if we organize a(More)
Dynamic reconfigurable simulation based on Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) requires efficient verification of simulation models. Traditional verification method of DEVS model is based on I/O test in which a DEVS model is regarded as a black box or a grey box. This method is low efficient and insufficient because input samples are often limited.(More)
Component-based software reuse is an important research topic in software engineering and is the basis of software product line. Many methods for representation and retrieval of components have been proposed and most of them are faceted-based or specification-based. There is no a uniform formulism for component representation and retrieval. In order to(More)