Kedar Nath Pradhan

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PURPOSE The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of sociodemographic factors on quality of satisfaction towards denture treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred subjects (filling inclusion criteria) who were wearing a denture for at least two months were enrolled and divided into five groups on the basis of sociodemographic variables(More)
smart hremorrhage after its removal, but this stopped on sponging the child's face with cold water. Bare bone could be felt in the floor of the nose, but the condition cleared up well on a simple liquid paraffin spray. Comment: in any case of unilateral purulent nasal discharge in the case of a child, think of the possibility of foreign body in the nose.(More)
History.?The patient gave a history of having exposed himself to infection in May 1935. A copper coloured rash appeared in September 1935. He had neosalvarsan 0.15, 0.35, 0.75 gramme injections, at one-week intervals. Dermatitis and urticaria appeared after the second injection; still the course was continued with the result that he developed general(More)
An adult female patient consulted me in April 1923 for intense pitching and irritation in both auditory canals. On inspection the tympanum and middle ear appeared to be perfectly normal on both sides, but there was a condition like that of weeping eczema, but without crusts, in both meati. For three months she was treated with ichthyol, salicylic acid,(More)
Dr. K. N. Pradhan, writing from Nagpur, draws attention to the number of different operations advocated for trichiasis, and the unsatisfactory results obtained. He strongly advocates electrolysis. Two or three sittings may be required, but the results are good and the effect is permanent. With regard to technique, he notes the following points:? (1) The(More)
^ noisy fit of coughing and pain in the inter\vay,lcular region, but he took his evening meal ^1Stridor however continued. 1 examination stridor was present, especial^ during expiration. Pulse and temperature ? ere normal, and the respiration not particularly ^Creased in rate. Wheezing sounds were heard Jeff1" both lungs, and a few crepitations on the(More)
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