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In this paper we present an efficient method to compute the signed distance field for a large triangle mesh, which can run interactively with GPU accelerated. Restricted by absence of flexible pointer addressing on GPU, we design a novel multi-layer hash table to organize the voxel/triangle overlap pairs as two-tuples, such strategy provides an efficient(More)
—A novel constant tamper-proofing software watermark technique based on H encryption function is presented. First we split the watermark into smaller pieces before encoding them using CLOC scheme. With the watermark pieces, a many-to-one function (H function) as the decoding function is constructed in order to avoid the pattern-matching or reverse(More)
This work is devoted to numerical studies of nearly optimal controls of systems driven by singularly perturbed Markov chains. Our approach is based on the ideas of hierarchical controls applicable to many large-scale systems. A discrete-time linear quadratic control problem is examined. Its corresponding limit system is derived. The associated asymp-totic(More)
Considering three important properties of software watermarks, resilience, stealth and data rate, a new static watermarking scheme based on Chinese Remainder Theorem is proposed. The idea of secret sharing is introduced to the watermark division and retrieval, and the watermark retrieval based on the partial values has great robust. The watermark coding(More)
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