Ke-yong Wang

Chun-yan Zhu1
Hidetaka Uramoto1
1Chun-yan Zhu
1Hidetaka Uramoto
1Kimitoshi Kohno
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BACKGROUND The Y-box binding protein 1 (YB-1) possesses pleiotropic functions through its interactions with various cellular proteins, and its high expression levels make it a potential useful prognostic biomarker for cancer cells. Eukaryotic DNA topoisomerases, such as DNA topoisomerase 1 (TOPO1) and DNA topoisomerase 2 (TOPO2), are the essential DNA(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the difference between schizophrenia patients and normal controls on velocity and acceleration of saccade, by using the basic visually guided saccade (VGS) paradigm. METHODS Eighteen schizophrenia outpatients and fourteen normal controls participated in the VGS task. Multiple indicators, including amplitude, duration, velocity,(More)
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