Ke-jin Cao

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Aiming at the authentication of civilian signals broadcasted by currently orbiting GPS satellites, this paper proposes a new technique, which carries GPS authentication information by the messages hidden in the navigation message and, without affecting the position fixing of GPS receivers in use all over the world, appends the capability of authenticity(More)
There are two main techniques to disable GPS user receivers from performing navigation fix, either causing interference on transmission route segment or using directional signal radiation on satelliet segment. This paper introduces a new Denial of Service (DoS) technique of GPS receivers that operates on the user segment, which is based on hidden messages(More)
GPS is widely used by civil aviation, financial institutions and transport sector and other civilian sectors, as well as for military purposes, thus the research on GPS spoof is of considerable merits. This paper analyzes the roots of forgeability and dupability of civil GPS signal; then, according to the characteristics of GPS civil signal, four forgery(More)
The GPS system is capable of one-way communication (OWC) if the reserved bits of navigation message are utilized. Excluding the potential communication protocol overheads, a single frequency with one satellite transmits data at 0.5B/s; with the dual frequency transmission by using L1C and L2C frequencies, the parallel transmission of multiple satellites and(More)
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